School & Community Prevention

Our prevention services involve educating people of all ages and giving them tools to make healthy choices.

For further information about anything listed on this page, please call us at 717-582-8703.

Resource Materials
We provide a variety of resources to schools, agencies, community organizations, parents, or any requesting individual.

Student Assistance Program (SAP)

All middle and high schools in Pennsylvania have a Student Assistance Program (SAP). These teams function to identify and refer students who may be using substances or dealing with other barriers to learning. PHS prevention staff serve on teams in all Perry County school districts.

An Ounce of Prevention

PHS publishes a digital newsletter highlighting various topics which is sent to
individuals, schools and businesses in Perry County.

School-Based Prevention Services
Faculty in-service training  
Consultation services  
Educational support groups 

We offer many classroom presentations to all elementary, middle and high school in Perry County schools.  Some of the programs include: an alcohol lesson with the Fatal Vision goggles and marijuana debate.  We can also do programs at pre-schools when requested.

We also utilize a few evidence-based programs:

“Too Good for Drugs”
This universal K-12 prevention program  is designed to lower the risk factors and increase protective factors relate to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (ATOD) use.  The lessons teach social and emotional skills such as making healthy choices, building positive friendships,  communicating effectively and resisting peer influence.

“Project Towards No Drug Abuse”
These lessons provide detailed information about the social and health consequences of drug misuse, challenges mindsets about use,  and includes instruction in active listening, effective communication skills, stress management/coping skills, tobacco-cessation techniques, self-control and decision-making.

“Life Skills”
This program is designed to help students explore key skills that are vital to building a joyful, rewarding and healthy life.  Students learn about making decisions, taking healthy risks, understanding media influences, managing emotions, improving family communications and developing healthy friendships. 

Community Prevention Services
PHS offers presentations  to community groups, parents, businesses and organizations including churches, civic groups, and PTOs.  We also do resource tables at local events.


We can also help fulfill the boy scout substance abuse badge requirement.

Prison Education/Intervention
Educational programs and intervention services are available to  inmates at the
Perry County Prison.

Information and Referral Services

Parent/Family Support Group 
There is currently no parent/family support group due to lack of attendance.
If you would like to speak to someone about a loved one’s substance abuse,
please call our office at 717-582-8703.

Teen Group  Choices & Consequences
We offer help for teens who are struggling with substance abuse, with making  the right choices, etc.  Call 717-582-8703 to register and be assigned to a group.
(Currently, in-person teen group is on hold due to the pandemic.  We hope to resume sessions again soon).