Tobacco Prevention

We no longer provide tobacco cessation services. Listed below you can learn about other cessation classes available.


We provide a variety of informational tobacco-related materials to schools, agencies, community organizations, parents, or any requesting individual.

Links to tobacco-related sites:


Would you like to quit using tobacco? 

SADLER HEALTH provides no-cost smoking cessation programs for Cumberland and
Perry County residents interested in quitting tobacco.

To register for any of the services listed below or for further information, please call 1-866-723-5377 ext. 46

Tobacco Cessation: Free classes for Cumberland and Perry County residents are presented by a Tobacco Treatment Specialist certified by Mayo Clinic at Rochester, MN. Excellent materials, incentives, and assistance are provided to those motivated to quite tobacco. Nicotine replacements and/or non-nicotine medications may be available at no cost to eligible participants. To receive more information about classes and to pre-register, call 1-866-723-5377 ext. 46.

On-site Business Cessation Services: For Cumberland/Perry businesses interested in assisting employees to quit tobacco.


Community organizations such as PTOs, Lion’s Clubs, Rotary Clubs, Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, and others, may schedule programs on various tobacco related topics to fit the audience needs. Suggested topics include:

  • What’s the Big Deal With 2nd Hand Smoke?
  • Quitting Tobacco
  • Smokeless Tobacco
  • Tobacco 101
  • Protecting Our Children
School-Based Tobacco Presentations Available

1st Grade:

Learning About Smoking

2nd Grade:

Second-Hand Smoke
3rd Grade:
Nicotine – A Gateway Drug
4th Grade:
Smoking Part II
5th Grade:
Stress, Peer Pressure and Tobacco
6th Grade:
What’s Wrong With Nicotine?
7th Grade:
Tobacco and Advertising
8th Grade:
No Ifs, Ands or Butts